Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blue & Gold Banquet! Fri. 2/26

Pack 310 cordially invites you to our annual BLUE AND GOLD BANQUET!
Join us to help celebrate the founding of the scouting program,
our boys' well-earned awards and our entire pack of families for their dedication.

Ceremony begins at 6:30pm, Friday, February 26th

in the Lincoln Elementary Auditorium

Stonefire Grill will be catering the event.
The pack has subsidized the cost so tickets are only $5 per person (over age one).

You may prepay, or pay with cash or check the night of the event.

All scouts must be in full uniform!
A uniform inspection will commence at the beginning of the meeting. 
The best-dressed den eats first!
If you have any questions regarding uniforms,

please ask your den leaders.

RSVP BY THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11th to your den leader!

We will honor our special guest, WWII veteran Sam Reiner, who will talk about his experiences.

A representative from Verdugo Hills Council will be giving a brief presentation on the Friends of Scouting program. 
Friends of Scouting is a giving campaign that help our council provide
vital programs and services for our scouts and volunteers.

See you there!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Griffith Observatory Pack Outing- Sat. Feb. 13th

Hello Pack 310 families,

Hope you all had fun at the Pinewood Derby. Congrats to all participants! As mentioned, we have a pack outing on Saturday February 13th to the Griffith Observatory. The park opens at 10am. Get there early and bring a lunch!

At 11:20am, we will be joining together to attend the show "Centered in the Universe" which starts promptly at 11:45am. As this is the first show of the day, children under 5 years old ARE allowed to attend yet need to sit of an adult's lap. We will meet near the ticket booth.


TICKETS - Here's the dealio :0) - Tickets may only be purchased the day of the show. I will be arriving early that morning to be first in line (using my 80s-style "overnight wait-in-line" concert tickets skills :0) - and will purchase all of our tickets.
The pack will pay for ALL scouts.
For family members, tickets are as follows:
$7- adults & children age 13+

$5- Friends of the Observatory Members
$5- Seniors (age 60+)
$5- Students with ID
$3- Children ages 5-12
FREE- Small children under age 5 that must sit in a parent's lap

RSVP by February 8th to Mr. Timm- Please email me how many tickets (by adult, children, etc) you would like us to purchase for you. The pack will front the payment for you. Then, we'd appreciate it if you brought your check/payment to the Blue & Gold pack meeting on February 26th. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE - Once you have RSVP'd and requested a certain amount of tickets to be purchased, you may only cancel them or change your order until February 11th - 3pm. I will be fielding many, many emails and cannot guarantee any last minute changes - and will be arranging the payment through our treasurer. Thanks for understanding.

CARPOOLING - The park there is tough so I recommend carpooling as best you can.

Feel free to email or call me at any time. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. Hope you can all make it. It'll be a blast!

Mr. Timm
Committee Chair

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pinewood Derby! Fri. Jan. 22nd

What: Pack 310 Pinewood Derby
When: Friday, January 22nd
Where: Lincoln Auditorium

  • Weigh-in starts at 6:00pm!
  • Weigh-in closes at 6:30pm!
  • 6:30 pm -- Derby officially begins with a flag ceremony

Along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, here are the categories for special prizes:
• Most creative
• Best craftsmanship
• Best Scout themed 

Reminder to all Pack 310 Scouts as we are inspecting our cars for the derby
1.     The car must be made from an official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit.  All of the supplies contained in the Official Kit must be used.  Cars made from anything other than an Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit are in violation of our rules and will be subject to disqualification from racing.
2.     The car must not weigh more than 5.0 ounces. The weight restriction will be enforced for all cars.  No car will be allowed to check-in weighing more than 5.0 ounces, so please make sure your car does not weigh more than this BEFORE you arrive at the Derby.  This will avoid long wait times at check-in.
3.    The following dimensions MUST be followed so that all cars can be properly raced:
a.     The overall length of the car cannot exceed 7 inches.
b.    The overall width of the car cannot exceed 2 ¾ inches.
c.     The maximum width between the wheels cannot exceed 1 ¾ inches.
d.    The car must have a 3/8th inch clearance underneath the body.
e.     The front “nose” of the car must be flush with the starting gate, meaning, “no extended noses”. 
f.     Cars cannot be taller than 3 ½ inches high so that they will fit under the finish gate.
4.     IMPORTANT: Give your car a three digit racing number using the following guidelines:
  • Make the first number of your three digit racing number your Den number.      
  • Your car’s three digit racing number needs to be placed on the top of your car so that the numbers are easily visible and read, and your car can easily be identified throughout the Derby.  Use the numbered stickers that come in the Official Derby Kit to easily label your car, or paint the numbers onto the top of the car.  If your car’s number is not easily visible, it will be written on the top of the car with a Sharpie at check-in by the Committee.
  • If there are cars with duplicate numbers, we will adjust numbers accordingly to avoid duplication.  If your car has the wrong Den number, we will help you to change it.  If your car does not have a number, you can either choose a number at check-in or one will be assigned to you.  Again, it will be written on the top of the car at check-in.
5.     Make sure it is clear which way your car should be facing as it goes down the track so that it is not accidentally raced “backwards”.  Yes, this has happened in the past.
6.     The car must be gravity propelled, free wheeling, with no starting devices.  Wheel bearings, bushings, and washers are prohibited from being used on the wheels.  Only dry lubricant is permitted.  DO NOT USE LIQUID LUBRICANTS. 
7.     Any decoration attached to the outside of the car must adhere to the rules and measurement guidelines, and must be securely fastened to the car.  If a part comes off of any car during racing, you cannot have the car back to make adjustments.  We encourage your creativity, but keep in mind that all paints and glues must be thoroughly dry on Race Day.
8.     Every car being entered by a Scout must follow all of the rules as listed above and pass inspection at the Derby to be eligible to race.  
Please remember car weight CANNOT exceed 5 ounces (including wheels & axles), you will not be permitted to race if it does-- so be sure to arrive with enough time to decrease/increase weight.
Don't be late, if you miss weigh-in, your car cannot race!
See you at the races!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Family Hike! Sat. Jan. 2nd

What: We are kicking off 2016 with a Family Hike!
When: 9am Saturday, Jan. 2nd
Where: Glendale Sports Complex, Catalina Verdugo trail (see details below) 
Wear: Pack T-shirts, warm clothing, sturdy shoes. Bring water & a trail snack.

Sports Complex Directions:

We will meet to the right of the soccer fields and proceed to the Catalina Verdugo trail (pictured in red) from the small park behind the soccer fields, see map, click to enlarge. The trail ends behind the baseball diamonds at the parking lot.

About the Catalina Verdugo trail:
About 2 miles, not overly steep (some switchbacks), beginner to moderate level. The only issue is that there is a steep drop-off alongside some of the trail. Parents, please hike with your scouts and remind them to stay on the trail and not run.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Caroling! Friday, 12/11

Please join us as we go caroling for the residents at the Oakpark Healthcare Center in Tujunga. They are very excited to have us, so let's spread some scouting cheer. There will be a piano available if any Scouts want to play along, too.

What: Caroling!

When: Friday, December 11th
Meet at 4:45pm, sing at 5:00pm

Where: Oakpark Healthcare Center
9166 Tujunga Canyon Blvd., Tujunga, CA 91042

Wear: full uniform, optional Santa/reindeer hats

Important! Parking is very limited.
Car pooling is greatly encouraged, please talk with other families in your den.

Upcoming events:
Jan 2nd, informal pack hike at Glendale Sports Complex
Jan 22nd, Pinewood Derby-- get going on building your car!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Montrose Holiday Parade Sat. Dec. 5th

Hello Pack 310 families,

Are you ready? Here's the info for this Saturday's Montrose Parade event:

What: Montrose Holiday Parade!

When: Arrive between 5:15 & 5:30, parade starts at 6:10pm
At least ONE PARENT is required to stay with the Pack (and their scout) until the parade starts. The kids get wired up while waiting for the parade to begin :0) 

Where: Before the parade: Meet at the corner of Hermosa and Rosemont Avenues.
After the parade: Promptly pick up your scout afterwards at the Carl's Jr. lot on Verdugo,
and make sure your den leader knows when you have picked them up!

Wear: Dress warm, scouts & any adults marching need to be in FULL UNIFORM. Please try to avoid winter jackets over the uniform (instead wear warm clothing underneath) so the pack can show their colors. Rain or shine!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Friday Group Hike

Map of the trails (Mountain Do is in blue, Catalina Verdugo is in red).

Foothill District Commissioner Bob Fletcher has invited all Verdugo Hills Council packs to meet together for a hike on Black Friday to "Opt Outside."

What: Verdugo Hills Council Group Hike

When: 9am Friday, November 27th

Where: Glendale Sports Complex (see below)

From Mr. Fletcher:
  • Right up our hiking alley and taking direction from outfitter REI to #OptOutside for Black Friday, you are welcome to join scouters, scouts, pets and community members at the Glendale Sports Complex on Black Friday for a hike!
  • There are 3 different hikes for all levels of hikers - Mountain Do- really easy (my favorite & one my Basset Hound can handle), Catalina Verdugo- a little harder, and then a definite Boy Scout-difficulty level hike.
  • We will meet at 9am - then we will hashtag REI and Tweet, Facebook and whatever else to let the whole world know WE ARE OUTDOORS!
  • The Sports Complex is home to the Mountain Do trail and the Catalina Verdugo Trail, trail heads.
  • Attached is info for you about all the hiking levels! 
Neighbors, friends, relatives are all welcome!! 


Sports Complex Directions:

Please wear your pack T-shirt, and be prepared with sturdy shoes, water, a trail snack, and appropriate gear for the weather (warm clothes or a sun hat!).