Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fans in the Stands Sat. 4/14


~  2018  Pack 310 Spring Service Project  ~ 

Pack 310 Helping to Serve Our Community

When: SATURDAY, April 14, 2018
Where: Crescenta Valley High School
Time: 10:00 am - Noon (Pack 310);
Games and Events Continue until 3 pm
Wear:  Pack 310 T-Shirt

🎖Games include: Track and Field, Bocce, and Basketball (Indoor)

Serve:  Come for 30 min, an hour...  Come for the Morning...  Come for the Afternoon... Come for the Day... However long you are able, come be a part of an amazing event as a Pack 310 FAN IN THE STAND!

Come Rain or Shine - the Regional Games will Go On!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Webelos II Bridging Ceremony Friday, 3/23

Friday, March 23rd, our departing Den 4 Webelos II Scouts will
bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and receive their Arrow of Light
awards in a formal ceremony.
These boys have worked very hard for the last five years, and you are
invited to help them celebrate their achievement. We encourage you to
join us and show your support for their dedication to the scouting
program and our community.
We will also say farewell to our departing Cubmaster, Mr. Nate Willits.
Please attend in full uniform.

What: Webelos II Bridging Ceremony
When: 6:30pm Friday, March 23rd
Where: Montrose Scout House, 2732 Montrose Ave, Montrose, CA
Wear: Full uniform

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Upcoming Pack 310 Spring STEM events

🌐 Pack 310 is "Out of This World" 🚀

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STEM Nova Awards Program

Scouting’s NOVA Awards program incorporates learning with fun activities and exposure to science, technology, engineering and mathematics for Cub Scouts.  STEM related adventures also exist in many of the Cub Scout elective and required adventures for each rank as well.

There are Two Awards Levels:  Nova and Supernova
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Pack 310 enjoys offering a variety of STEM Adventures and pathways for our awesome scouts to earn STEM Nova and Supernova Awards.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blue and Gold Friday, March 2nd

🎂  On Friday, March 2nd  🎉
Pack 310 will be kicking off our 
30th Year Anniversary 
Celebration in Scouting!

Where:  Lincoln Elementary Auditorium

Wear:  Full Cub Scout Uniform

When: 7:00 pm
  • Please plan to arrive at least 10 - 15 min early to check in, collect your dinner ticket wrist bands, purchase t-shirts / hoodies / car magnets, etc.
Guest of Honor & Speaker:  Principal Stephen Williams

Topic:  Mr. Williams will be speaking about his experience serving as a forest ranger prior to his career in education.

Theme:  Scouting, Community, & The Great Outdoors

Honored Heroes:  Emergency Response Community Service Heroes
  • For Example:  Police men and women, Fire Fighters, First Responders, Fire and Rescue, Health Care, Forest Rangers, etc.
  • If you would like to honor a relative, neighbor, or other community service hero acquaintance, please help your Scout prepare the following for a brief public speaking opportunity for your Scout:
- Photo to hang up on the white board (color photocopy is ideal)

- Written brief speech with the following information for your Scout to Read to the Audience: 
  • Hero's Name & Area of Community Service
  • How your Scout came to know this individual and/or
  • 2 - 3 reasons why you would like to recognize and honor this individual

Dinner:  Zeke's BBQ 
  • Uniform Inspection at the beginning of the meeting will determine Den line up for dinner order
  • The Den with the "spiffiest" uniforms eat first.  Remind your scout to wear their full uniform, with shirts tucked in.

Cost:  $15 per person (if not already RSVP'ed) 

(cash/check at the door or pay pal)

🎉 We currently have 111 RSVP's 🎉

          Thank you very much for using Pay Pal to RSVP and help us better prepare for our upcoming 30th Year Anniversary Celebration in Scouting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pinewood Derby Jan. 26th!

Get your Pinewood Derby cars sanded, painted, and ready to race! 

When - Friday January 26th
Where - Lincoln Auditorium
Wear - Cub Scout Uniforms
Time: 6 - 8 pm
  • Weigh-in starts at 6:00pm
  • Weigh-in closes at 6:30pm
  • 6:30 pm -- Derby officially begins with a flag ceremony

AWARDS:  Along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners, here are the 2018 Pack 310 Categories for additional award certificate opportunities

• Most Creative
• Best Craftsmanship
• Best Scout Themed

🔨  🛠  🗜  📏  🖌

2018 Pinewood Derby Car Inspections Rules and Regulations Reminders...
1.     Kit:  The car must be made from an official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit.  Cars made from anything other than an Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit are in violation of our rules and will be subject to disqualification from racing.

2.     Weight:  The car must not weigh more than 5.0 ounces. The weight restriction will be enforced for all cars.  No car will be allowed to check-in weighing more than 5.0 ounces, so please make sure your car does not weigh more than this BEFORE you arrive at the Derby.  This will avoid long wait times at check-in.

3.    Dimensions:  The following dimensions MUST be followed so that all cars can be properly raced:
a.    The overall length of the car cannot exceed 7 inches.
b.    The overall width of the car cannot exceed 2 ¾ inches.
c.     The maximum width between the wheels cannot exceed 1 ¾ inches. 
d.    The car must have at least 3/8th inch clearance underneath the body.
e.     The front “nose” of the car must be flush with the starting gate, meaning, “no extended noses”.  
f.     Height:  Cars cannot be taller than 3 ½ inches high so that they will fit under the finish gate. 
g.    Weights cannot be placed underneath the car -- refer to item d. above for maintaining clearance underneath the car.

4.     Race Number:  Give your car a three digit racing number using the following guidelines:
  • Make the first number of your three digit racing number your Den number.       
  • Your car’s three digit racing number needs to be placed on the top of your car so that the numbers are easily visible and read, and your car can easily be identified throughout the Derby.  Use the numbered stickers that come in the Official Derby Kit to easily label your car, or paint the numbers onto the top of the car.  If your car’s number is not easily visible, it will be written on the top of the car with a Sharpie at check-in by the Committee.
  • If there are cars with duplicate numbers, we will adjust numbers accordingly to avoid duplication.  If your car has the wrong Den number, we will help you to change it.  If your car does not have a number, you can either choose a number at check-in or one will be assigned to you.  Again, it will be written on the top of the car at check-in.
5.     Heads Up:  Make sure it is clear which way your car should be facing as it goes down the track so that it is not accidentally raced “backwards”.  Yes, this has happened in the past.

6.     Forward Motion:  The car must be gravity propelled, free wheeling, with no starting devices.  Wheel bearings, bushings, and washers are prohibited from being used on the wheels.  Only dry lubricant is permitted.  DO NOT USE LIQUID LUBRICANTS.  

7.     Decals & Design:  Any decoration attached to the outside of the car must adhere to the rules and measurement guidelines, and must be securely fastened to the car.  If a part comes off of any car during racing, you cannot have the car back to make adjustments.  We encourage your creativity, but keep in mind that all paints and glues must be thoroughly dry on Race Day.

Every car being entered by a Scout must follow all of the rules as listed above and pass inspection at the Derby to be eligible to race. 

Here are some helpful tips for those new to the derby:

Pinewood Derby 101
What? The car kit is essentially a block of wood with 4 nail axles and 4 wheels. The kits can be obtained from the Cub Scout store in Glendale at 1325 Grandview Ave, or at the Sierra Madre store.  Weights, decorations, & dry graphite (to reduce friction & roll faster) are also available to purchase there.  
Tips: Click on these two links for tips:  
and plenty more if you search for "Pinewood Derby tips"